How to be an Instagram Fashion Blogger: Interview with Mallory

Posted on December 05 2014

How to be a Fashion Blogger on Instagram

Nurse, Fashion Associate, and Instagram Superstar – This girl does it all!

We got the chance to sit down with Mallory or @Mallorybby (as known in the Instagram world) and learn a little more about her. Check out our interview below!

Mallory, will you tell us about yourself?

I’m Filipino and from California. My hobbies include singing, dancing, and of course, styling clothing! I don’t consider myself a model, but I love to model for fun and help dress people. Outside of the Instagram world, I’m a part time nurse and I also work at a fashion store called Bait. They focus on selling shoes and clothing and just opened a store in Melrose, California.

bait store nurse
Part time nurse, part time sales associate at Bait

What is your personal style?

I love to wear a lot of styles. You feel different moods every day, so moods really influence your style. You could wake up happy or perky or sad. Everyday, based on my moode, I determine what to wear. Sometimes I like to dress up like a tomboy and wear sneakers. Other times I’ll dress up really girly and wear skirts and heels. It really just depends on how I’m feeling at the moment.

How did you get your start in fashion?

A few years ago, I went to a warehouse for and was asked to promote some of the new Alicia Keyes Reeboks. One of the guys working there offered me some free shoes and then invited me to be a Youtube channel host for their brand (click here to see me hosting!). Later on, I was asked to work at the actual Bait store as a sales associate. A lot of their followers actually started coming to the store to talk to me and ask me about fashion advice. From then on, I think I realized that I could make an impact on people and became more serious about fashion blogging!

Mallorybby chains and links
Here is Mallory wearing our Chains and Links Necklace.

Here’s the big question everyone wants to know… how did you get so many followers on your Instagram account?

I started my Instagram a few years ago when Instagram wasn’t as popular as it is today. What happened was that I decided to post a picture of my outfit that day just for fun. I didn’t expect it but I got a lot of responses on my outfit choices. Afterwards, I thought… well this is fun, I could do more outfit ideas! I started posting more and more of my outfits from that point on and my following grew. I think it also helped that I had some presence on Youtube and working at Bait. I would say just work hard, come up with fresh outfits, and be real to your followers.

What advice would you give to a new blogger in terms of growing their followers?

Just interact with people! Once you get big on Instagram, you’ll definitely get distracted and get a lot of sponsors. However, just remember that your followers are the ones who created you in the first place! When they talk to you, make sure to respond. Even now with my followers, I still do my best to engage them… in fact, sometimes I’ll write over 50 thank you notes a day just to show my appreciation. They are the ones who got me to where I am today, so I never want to get carried away and be too busy to respond. The key thing is to stay humble and always remember where you came from.

Is there anything else you want to people to know?

I truly care about my followers. I’m going through a lot of things in my life and I know that my followers relate. For example, I’m currently in a long distance relationship and I know a lot of people go through struggles with the same thing. This might sound crazy, but sometimes I give my followers my phone number so we can chat and I can help them through their problems. Even if it’s just a simple phone conversation, I do my best to help people out every day! I really think that helping others is my true calling.

Bait mallorybby chains and links necklace
Here is Mallory wearing our Links and Chains Necklace on the left and the Chains All Night Necklace on the right.

Last question! You are such a great role model to girls – a career woman, a hard worker, and a fashionista! Who is your celebrity role model?

Beyonce! I think she’s the ultimate woman. She hustles hard, has a lot of self-confidence, and she’s amazing! What I like about her is that she can handle everything by herself. She’s so strong and she knows she doesn’t need Jay-Z for anything – she can do it all on her own. She's a classy woman who exudes self-confidence and style!

Beyonce, the ultimate woman!
Beyonce, the ultimate woman!


You can follow Mallory on her Instagram by clicking here.

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