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Posted on December 05 2014

This month, we're excited to do a Blogger Spotlight on our new favorite blogger - Corinne Davis, the fashionista behind the Pink Avenue Blog. She's got amazing fall/winter 2014 fashion on her mind, with these fabulous outfits on the Pink Avenue Blog.

Corinne talks about what's on her must-have accessories list this season and provides great blogging tips for future bloggers. Scroll down to see the interview at the end of the post!

Vintage Crystal Pearl Necklace - 2

Vintage Crystal Pearl Necklace - 1

Bauble Earrings

Bauble Earrings

Our Exclusive Interview:

1. Basics first! Tell us a little about your style and how you got into blogging:

Hi there! I'm Corinne Davis, the girl behind the blog. Pink Avenue is my style diary that documents my evolving love for fashion, interior design, and everyday glamour. I started my blog way back in 2010 under the name of 'The Lookbook and was a way for me to document my newly-married life. Since then it has evolved to a Pink Avenue, a destination for fashion-lovers seeking a little inspiration for both their homes and their closets. My style is best described as classic and sophisticated with an edgy and feminine twist.

2. What is your favorite accessory you own and why?

Do I really have to only choose one?! I love accessories because they polish off an outfit so well and make an ordinary outfit extrodinary. I always find myself grabbing a pair of over-sized and sparkly statement earrings to finish off a look. I also like that I don't have to spend lots of time stacking bracelets and necklaces... Instead, I just grab a pair of amaze-fest earrings and go!

3. What are your top 5 must have accessories for Fall/Winter 2014?

The change of seasons from fall to winter is always inspiring because it allows you to get a new perspective on your winter clothing and the style that you'd like to emulate for the coming months... It's a fresh start of sorts! I always love bringing out the cozy knitted scarves, luxurious furs, wool brimmed hats, statement jewelry, and last but not least, leather anything! I've always had quite the leather obsession but this year it's especially hit hard because of the juxtaposition leather creates when paired with feathers, fur, and knits. I mean really, it's just delicious and inspiring!

4. How do you go about designing your outfits?

I like to spend a few minutes (or maybe even an hour) each week planning outfits. It can be fun and refreshing to play around and find fun new combinations with what you already own. When I find a combination that I'm happy with, I take a quick picture on my phone so I can remember the look later. If you keep this up, not only will you look great on the fly, you'll have a pretty spectacular lookbook of all of your greatest looks.

5. Any great blogging tips for future bloggers of the world?

A lot of people ask me if I have any blogging tips and I always respond with, "It's a lot more work than you think!" Blogging takes a lot of planning, correspondence, time, and confidence. There are no shortcuts to gaining followers, learning some hard lessons about cyber-bullying, creating content, bringing on sponsors, and in turn, monetizing your blog and making it a career. It just takes time, work, and money.

6. Your closet is to die for! How do you stay organized?

Oh why thank you! My closet is definitely my happy place! Here are a few of my simple rules for keeping my closet organized.  I always hang up an article of clothing after I'm done wearing it. I also like to make sure there's a designated spot for all of my shoes, bags, and accessories. It's easy to put things away when everything has it's place. I also try to clean out my closet once a month so I only own things that I love.

7. Any fun facts about you that we'd be surprised to discover?

Though I exclusively blog about home and fashion, I love to cook and I'm a total health freak. I've been a vegetarian for 7 years now and I love to try and create new recipes.

Don't forget to check out Pink Avenue Blog and follow Corinne on social media @corinneroxanne! Stay tuned for more Blogger Spotlights!

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