5 Tips to Look Amazing on a Budget!

Posted on December 06 2014

This week, we're excited to introduce Brooke from KBStyled! She recently just launched her blog KBSTYLED.COM and we're in love with her fun, carefree style. On top of that, this lady works full time as a VP of Human Resources - she's driven and an inspiration! Check out her outfit below, decorated with our emmajoy jewels. Read more about her and read below for... 
5 Tips to Look Amazing on a Budget!
First things first! Before we jump in, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi everyone!  I'm Brooke of the blog KBStyled!  I live outside of Nashville, TN with my loving Hubby, my two beautiful children, and our two energetic fur babies.  I've always had a love for all things fashion, I collect jewels, baubles, clutches, accessories, etc and you will always find me experimenting with a new beauty product or creating an DIY scrub/facial.  I love cupcakes…oh, they are such a weakness!  Finding a great bargain excites me and I love making an outfit look like a million bucks on a budget!  My motto is to always let your outer beauty be an accessory to your inner sparkle…and then, SHINE!
How did you get started with blogging? Also, tell us about your new blog launch!
Bare with me…this answer is a little lengthy but I hope you all don't mind me sharing!  I am so excited to have officially launched my "passion project" KBStyled!  Earlier this year, I discovered Instagram (maybe a little behind the curve ;-) but once I did, it totally opened my eyes to this amazing outlet where other like-minded women, and men, are sharing daily outfit posts and style inspiration for others.  I began following many of the top Fashion Bloggers and along the way have discovered so many other Fashion Friends who have such great style as well.  I knew that I would not only enjoy sharing my style on Instagram but I immediately wanted to do more and experience more in this space.  First steps first…start taking #selfies for daily #ootd posts, make my profile "public", and start networking with others who aspire to do the same.  Check, check, and check! 
After spending some time posting photos on Instagram, my college Bestie and I started talking about having me contribute to her blog, Carolina Girl Cooks where I would write guest Style posts.  I immediately said YES!  Now I have become a Guest Blogger…eeekkk!  I knew nothing about blogging, and still have a TON to learn, but I knew that I enjoyed it.  Most importantly I was doing something that I was super passionate about and I knew that I wanted to continue doing it.  Our partnership enabled me to have an outlet for Style posts and it enable us to work together, which was the absolute best outcome of me contributing as a Guest on her blog.  I can't thank her enough for giving me the opportunity to write for her blog, what an awesome way to be introduced into the blogging world.  Which by the way, you have to check out her blog…her recipes are amazing!  We continued doing this for some time and I learned so much through our partnership…we had the BEST time working together over several months and we plan to continue doing so as well!


The day finally came where I received an email from a company asking if I wanted to be a part of their affiliate program and at the time, I really had no idea what that meant.  Jennifer and I started talking about what the next steps should be for KBStyled and we both agreed that it may be time for me to venture out and start my own blog.  MY OWN BLOG, WHAT?!  I was so afraid of the concept of being responsible for my own blog…after all, I knew NOTHING about blogging and I wondered how would I possibly have time to keep up with my own blog?!  As I mentioned above, I'm a Wife, Mommy, and I work full-time as a VP in Global Human Resources, and we stay busy busy busy…how could I possibly add one more thing into my life/my families lives?!  But, after speaking with Jennifer and having many long conversations with my Husband, Peter, we all agreed that it was time for me to OWN IT LIKE A #GIRLBOSS and follow my personal passions…MY DREAMS!  It's just all about time management anyway…right? ;-)  If I can't work in fashion full-time at the moment, I will work as a Style Blogger in my spare time and I will pursue my dreams each and every day.  KBStyled was created and a lot of TLC has been put into what I call my "passion project".  After all, my passion for style will pour through these pages in everything that I do and I will own my personal chip of the fashion blogging world like a #GIRLBOSS! 
Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
I don't typically look to others for inspiration as I have always worn what makes me feel great and what I feel looks best on me.  However, both Pinterest and Instagram have been my favorite destinations for style inspiration when I find myself in a funk or when I am not feeling creative with my own personal style.  I do adore Olivia Palermo too, she has an effortless chic look and she always looks impeccably stylish!
Now that we've gotten to know you, what are your top 5 tips for how to look like a million bucks, on a budget?
My 5 key tips to looking like a million bucks on a budget are:
1. Pick pieces that fit your size, shape, and frame…structured pieces do wonders!  AND know a great Tailor…tailor your clothes to fit you perfectly when needed!
2. Build your wardrobe around your own personal style…a style that makes you feel beautiful and unique…try not to buy into fads…fads don't last, trends come and go, style is yours to keep!  When buying budget friendly pieces, check for quality, material, and fit (beautiful items can be found on a budget)!
3. Ensure you own a couple pair of NICE jeans and a black blazer!
4. Build your accessory collection (jewels, clutches, scarves, etc)…it is amazing what a beautiful accessory can do to change the look of any outfit!
5. OWN your personal style and let your confidence shine through!
Thank you for letting me share more about myself, my blog, as well as my personal tips for looking like a million bucks on a budget!  I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any tips to share with me, please do!
If you enjoyed our interview with KBStyled, make sure to follow her on Instagram @KBSTYLED and her brand new blog at WWW.KBSTYLED.COM!

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  • Brooke Webb: December 07, 2014

    Thank you for the feature! I love your jewels and your blog, xoxo!

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