Organization Fundraising


Are you looking to raise funds for your organization? Let us help you with your next fundraising campaign!

At emmajoy, we believe in giving back to the community and helping to find ways to support local organizations. We know you work hard for your cause, so let us work hard for you!


The concept

We've all heard of Girl Scout Cookies, right? Well, most of us can't pull off the Girl Scout outfits anymore and most of us are college-level or better. We care about things like fashion, beauty, and social media. At emmajoy, we figured, why not become the adult version of Girl Scout cookies and have organizations fundraise by selling jewelry? Just think about it - any organization of 30+ members can easily have members promote fundraisers through social media. Today's technology makes campaigning easy and emmajoy makes products that are easy to sell!


How it works

We will setup a special referral code for your organization to share with friends and family. Once the fundraising campaign begins, we'll provide you with advertising graphics and promotional photos. As an organization, you'll give your friends and family a special discount code to shop at emmajoy. At the end of the defined campaign period, we'll donate 10% of all the sales proceeds back to your organization to thank you for your hard work. The setup process is fast and simple - you'll be able to get the fundraising campaign up in no time!


Are there any requirements?

We are very selective in terms of which types of organizations we will partner with. Your organization must fall in line with our company values. Prior to signing any fundraising agreements, we will take time to research your organization background to ensure there is no conflict of interest or conflict in brand representation.


How to get started

Please provide the following information in the application form at the bottom of this page:

1. Your organization name and website

2. Your organization size (active members only)

3. Your location (city and state)

4. Your affiliated school (if applicable)

5. Your fundraising goal (in dollar amount)

6. What you plan to use the donated funds for

Once we review your application, we will get back to you in a week with a response. If we would like to move forward, we will schedule a meeting with your organization and work on the timelines, guidelines, and additional agreement details.


Past Partnerships

Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority

University of Chicago

Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity

University of California, Irvine

Read all about the Kappa Alpha Theta fundraiser on our blog!




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