Why shop emmajoy?

We know we're a young company (launched on Valentine's Day 2014!), but we promise to uphold certain values that will never change no matter how big we become. At heart, we guarantee to abide by these principles ALWAYS.


Here are the top 5 reasons why YOU should shop emmajoy:


#1 Amazing Rewards

No one rewards the way that we do! At full transparency, we give you the conversion rate of our Joybucks and outline the whole process right here. It's easy - you earn rewards either by buying our products or helping us spread the word. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could never spend a dime at emmajoy and have access to anything on our website for free, as long as you can help us spread the word. Does anyone else offer you that?


#2 Influence Our Style

Our members are our biggest influences when it comes to style. If you see something on another site that we don't have, submit your request to our Request a Style page. It's easy - just send us the link to the item you want us to source on our site. If you are willing to wait 1-2 weeks, we just might source your item and sell it on our website, as long as it fits our internal requirements. On top of that, if we follow your suggestion, we'll send you a Joybucks bonus for helping us out! 


#3 Never Bloated Prices

Tired of those websites that sell you products at super high prices only to "discount" them to the actual price? We are too! Why give you a bloated price and trick you into thinking we are giving you a deal? At emmajoy, we'll give you the best prices upfront. We promise no mind games. That also explains why we do not give heavy discounts... it's because our original prices are the prices we believe an item should cost and no more than that. 


#4 Keeping It Real

We know that one of the biggest concerns of shopping online is that products don't meet customer expectations. Sometimes the fit isn't right or sometimes the material is much more sheer than you thought. Our solution is an idea called "Keeping it Real". In some products where certain things aren't obvious based on product pictures, our "Keeping It Real" comment will tell you our objective observation. So when things are running large or running too sheer, we will actually mention it so you know what to expect! Yes, that could hurt our sales sometimes, but we believe in pure transparency and honesty in setting your expectations.


#5 Hot Trends and Fast Fashion

How do we charge such amazing prices and keep new inventory coming? We believe in a fast fashion model in which we keep low inventory on almost all products to save costs and therefore transfer those savings to you! That means that we don't carry a large variety of items like many of our competitors but we constantly cycle through new products and retire old products. An item you love could be here one day and gone the next! So if you like something, get it soon before it's gone!



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